Your Excellency,

It is the dawn of a new era, a time where we are not limited by space, time or resources. It's a time where anything is POSSIBILE, if only you have the right mindset, right influence, right undersanding, right attitude to life.

On behalf of the Holy Spirit, the host  of World Impact League around the world and my humble self, I joyously welcome you to our home online.

Relax and enjoy our package. It's WELL with you.

Joshua 1:6-9 

Competence, Excellence, Rewards

Competence, Excellence, Rewards

Thursday, March 18, 2010

WIL Societal Transformation Campaigns

WIL Societal Transformation Campaigns
1. WIL Healing Streams …bringing God’s divine intervention into your affairs.
2. WIL EduCampaign ...restoring the colorful destiny & dignity of our students, via God’s standard for SUCCESS.
3. WIL SkillCampaign
4. WIL ClothingCampaign
5. WIL InvestCampaign
6. WIL Community ImpactCampaign
7. WIL HealthCampaign
8. WIL FoodSupplyCampaign
9. WIL SW/MCampaign …from nobody to somebody.